• Garden Maintenance Services

    Learn more about our garden maintenance services. Our team can provide grass cutting, lawn care, hedge cutting/pruning, tree care, weed control & elimination and much more…

    Garden Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance Services

    Our professional garden maintenance services will help maintain your garden in tip top condition.

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  • Flower Beds & Borders
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Graden Maintenance for Keeping Your Garden in Tip Top Condition

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now to discuss maintaining your garden or outdoor space.

We offer a free quote/consultation and are just as happy dealing with your garden as a one off job, or as part of an ongoing garden maintenance contract. We are fully qualified and hold all the necessary permits and qualifications to treat both private and public spaces.

We can help with all aspects of managing and maintaining your garden. From simple grass cutting and lawn feeding, to more complex shrubs and trees; we understand what needs to be done, how best to do it and we avoid the pitfalls inexperienced gardeners regularly fall in to.

If your garden maintenance quote seems too cheap to be true, it is probably because it is! Not understanding plants and plant growth means work may be done incorrectly or at the wrong time of the year. This could cause your plants to die and increase the cost to put things right.

With expertise in garden design we can share our years of knowledge and ensure you have the garden you dream of!

Lawn mowing prior to weed control treatment

Lawn mowing prior to weed control treatment

How Often Should I Maintain My Garden?

Depending on what you are trying to achieve and what the crazy UK weather is doing can determine the answer to this question!

It is also important to consider things such as watering and drought resistance – we can work with you and your own capabilities to ensure your garden maintenance plan gives you the best results. Waiting until plants show signs of stress means you may have left things too late.  Established trees and shrubs usually have deep roots and a certain amount of “drought-proofness”. Newly sown or planted areas are the absolute opposite and require regular watering to help ensure the plant thrives and a good root network can be established.

Understanding your existing plants – or any new ones we introduce together – in conjunction with your garden or flower beds soil condition will ensure we have the right plan for you.

Why choose our Gardeners, Builders & Landscapers
for your garden or outdoor space improvements

Garden Design and Landscaping Southampton Job Before & After Pictures

1.) We care about ALL our gardening jobs!

Every single garden related job we do, we do to the best of our ability. Whether you are after a simple garden tidy service or a commercial landscaping contractor we will deliver the same high standard of workmanship.

The images show a before and after garden design and landscaping job we completed recently in Southampton. We relaid the lawn and created a new paved area and raised flower beds to create a much improved garden for our clients.

Whatever your budget, contact us now for a no obligation chat or quote for your garden or outdoor space work.

2.) Exceptional Customer Feedback

We are always happy to provide you with examples of our previous work and customer feedback.

We have been trading for 50 years now – how many other local companies can show that sort of history, all under the same company name?

Solent Garden Services - Est 1973
Professional Experts, from Tree Surgeons to Horticulture

3.) Comprehensive team of gardening & landscaping experts

We offer a number of services and have a team of experienced professionals to deliver each specific part of the Solent Garden Services repertoire!

From our specialist Tree Surgeons to our horticultural experts, we are able to look at your specific garden job and deliver a top notch service, at a great and competitive price.

4.) Saving the day as part of Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders

When Channel 5’s Cowboy Builder’s headed to Southampton we were very pleased to offer our professional garden services to help save the day.

As it transpired we not only rescued the day at the main feature story, but when another of the original builders jobs was discovered to be as equally dangerous we stepped in to put the second properties garden right as well!

Cowboy Builders Featured