• Mini Digger Services

    When undertaking garden clearance or major landscaping work our mini-digger can save many days labour!

    Solent Garden Services Mini Digger Service
  • Mini Digger Services

    Our professional team can utilise our own mini digger for any of our garden or commercial landscaping work.

  • Hours of Labour Saved
  • Free Surveys & Quotes
  • Qualified Operators
  • Create Stunning Landscape Features
  • Quicker Demolition
  • Perfect for Smaller Spaces
  • Perfect Ground Works
Bamboo removal with our mini digger
Using a mini digger on a driveway landscaping project

Solent Garden Service’s Mini Excavator Services

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now to discuss any of your specific mini digger requirements. From removing troublesome growth, like the bamboo plant in the job picture here, to preparing your garden for a new design; our mini digger landscaping services can speed up your job!

We offer a free quote/consultation and can utilise our mini excavator to speed up any of your landscaping work or to aid in the demolition/removal of unwanted garden features and structures. We are fully qualified and hold all the necessary permits and qualifications to treat both private and public spaces.

Our mini digger is ideal for general garden work and all forms of ground works. Foundations can quickly be created whether these are for a new patio, deck area or even a hot tub or garden swimming pool!

We are also happy to hire additional excavators if we have multiple jobs requiring the use of a mini digger and time is crucial in completing your project.

Our Mini Digger/Excavator in Garden Landscaping Action

Our Mini Digger/Excavator in Garden Landscaping Action

Our Mini Digger is Perfect for Ponds

One of the most popular requests we get for our mini digger is to help quickly create garden ponds or water features. As you can imagine our excavator can make short work of creating that hole, saving many hours of Labour and back breaking digging!

Why choose our Gardeners, Builders & Landscapers
for your garden or outdoor space improvements

Garden Design and Landscaping Southampton Job Before & After Pictures

1.) We care about ALL our gardening jobs!

Every single garden related job we do, we do to the best of our ability. Whether you are after a simple garden tidy service or a commercial landscaping contractor we will deliver the same high standard of workmanship.

The images show a before and after garden design and landscaping job we completed recently in Southampton. We relaid the lawn and created a new paved area and raised flower beds to create a much improved garden for our clients.

Whatever your budget, contact us now for a no obligation chat or quote for your garden or outdoor space work.

2.) Exceptional Customer Feedback

We are always happy to provide you with examples of our previous work and customer feedback.

We have been trading for 50 years now – how many other local companies can show that sort of history, all under the same company name?

Solent Garden Services - Est 1973
Professional Experts, from Tree Surgeons to Horticulture

3.) Comprehensive team of gardening & landscaping experts

We offer a number of services and have a team of experienced professionals to deliver each specific part of the Solent Garden Services repertoire!

From our specialist Tree Surgeons to our horticultural experts, we are able to look at your specific garden job and deliver a top notch service, at a great and competitive price.

4.) Saving the day as part of Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders

When Channel 5’s Cowboy Builder’s headed to Southampton we were very pleased to offer our professional garden services to help save the day.

As it transpired we not only rescued the day at the main feature story, but when another of the original builders jobs was discovered to be as equally dangerous we stepped in to put the second properties garden right as well!

Cowboy Builders Featured