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Aureum Low Maintenance Garden Redesign – October 2016

Low Maintenance Garden Design with Artificial Lawn

Our latest landscaping project is finished. Aureum is a great low maintenance, contemporary garden featuring natural sandstone paving, raised sleeper bed and an artificial lawn. When we first visited the garden we decided the first job was a general tidy before creating a new garden fence.

Aureum Low Maintenance Garden Redesign

The next step in this garden redesign project was to create some timber bound, raised flower beds.

Aureum Raised Flower Beds

Once this was completed we then began work on the paving and artificial lawn area.

Aureum Artificial Lawn Preparation

Aureum Laying the Paving

Can you spot John giving us a cheeky little wave there… Once we have completed the paving we were able to lay the artificial lawn base and finally the fake grass itself. However when you are looking to complete garden landscaping, certain jobs can only be done in dry weather, and as you can see from Rob’s face below, rain did hamper us somewhat on this garden project!

Aureum Artificial Lawn Laid

Still once the weather was better we were able to put the finishing touches to this project including painting the fences in Cuprinol Garden Shades in Forest Mushroom colour. The finished design features raised sleeper beds, sandstone paving, artificial lawn and decorative stone borders.

Aureum Low Maintenance Garden

Aureum Low Maintenance Garden

Aureum Low Maintenance Garden

Aureum Low Maintenance Garden

Aureum Low Maintenance Garden

Not to neglect the front of house, we also tidied this area up a bit with new raised planter, stone path and decorative stones.

Aureum Front Garden Before

Aureum Front Garden Before

Aureum Front Garden After

Aureum Front Garden After

If you are thinking of a garden redesign or investigating low maintenance garden design then please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about what we can do for your garden!

Cherry Field Finished – October 2016 Garden Project

Garden re-design including path widening

After our earlier post of our work in progress “Cherry Field” we can now bring you some updated pictures and the finished Garden project. Due to the time of year the beds have been created ready for Spring planting, as such the true finished project is a few seasons away still, however even comparing the before with the now we are very happy with how this garden redesign project has progressed! It is a great example of a new garden design featuring a combination of natural stone and timber.


Cherry Field garden redesign; before, during and after work


Cherry Field garden redesign; before, during and after work

this project was a great example of combining heavy duty timber and beautiful natural sandstone and the above really shows the difference we have made to this garden, and the work wasn’t finished there on this particular wall as we installed something to help with enjoying the garden at nighttime as well!

Cherry Field garden wall outdoor lighting

You can see the finished path and patio area, which after spring planting will look stunning! You can also see that a great way to cover unattractive walls is to clad them! This gives you a great contemporary look for your garden.

Cherry Field's path and raised patio

The raised patio is also edged with round timbers. This is a great way to define the area without creating a barrier between the patio and the rest of the garden.

Cherry Field rounded timber edging

You can also see a close up view of the curved steps between the lower patio and the raised area.

Cherry Field's curved patio path