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Whiteley, Fareham Garden Project – Patio & Fencing

Whiteley Garden Project

This garden project saw us extending a garden patio with the addition of closely matching stone slabs, and installing a new closeboard fence with continental gate. This helped us to create a really great looking and most importantly relaxing outdoor space for our client…

We were given a challenging task with this Whiteley garden project in Fareham, Hampshire when our client wished to extend their existing patio. What’s the problem you are probably thinking right about now, surely just a simple case of getting some more slabs and getting to work…

Well, the existing patio slabs were no longer available so we were tasked with the problem of how to ensure the patio looked like one original patio and not two separate jobs! Obviously the client would much rather avoid the pricey cost of re-paving the whole area to get a match…

Luckily we have just a bit of experience in laying paving and the range of stone that is available…

Stonemarket to the rescue with a matching paving stone

Thankfully we have a number of excellent suppliers we can call on and with the help of Stonemarket, who supply a large range of garden paving. After a quick phone call and visit we were able to source a nearly identical paving stone (weathering will greatly help with a consistent appearance!).

The matching stone in the end was a “Misty Grey” Bourten riven reconstituted paving slab and it sits very nicely next to the existing patio stones.

Garden fencing & continental gate to finish the job

To really finish off this particular garden project we enclosed the new patio area with the addition of a new closeboard fence with continental gate.

Closeboard fencing with continental gate as part of our Whiteley Garden Project

Closeboard fencing with continental gate as part of our Whiteley Garden Project


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